Aeon Perfume is a way to approach perfume without compromises Aeon Perfume will collaborate with perfumers, artists and adventurous minds around the globe to deliver with every scent an entirely new universe of chemically driven emotions The perfumer behind each fragrance will be revealed when the following fragrance/project will start. Each fragrance will be available in only 333 pieces, carefully crafted and bottled to meet 333 sublime souls.  

AEON is available in selected perfumeries. Each box is numbered and contains the handmade glass bottle.


A perfume without compromises, a world where light merges into darkness and gravity floats over time.
An experiment and a gamble that delivers this exclusive high quality perfume hidden in the shadow of mystery. The unique Aeon001 perfume bottle is designed to hold preciously its floating content, a liquid gem suspended in the air ready to awake all the senses. Air is replacing  thickness and lightness is fighting with darkness to sublimate in pleasure. The Aeon001 bottle is handmade using borosilicate glass for a total volume of 65 ml.

For the perfumer a dream came true, releasing an experimental scent, regardless of commercial or brand driven restrictions, for a limited circle of yet unknown friends and lovers of rare fragrances.

Aeon001 is challenging the perception of vetiver blending it with white flowers, smoke and spices together with a translucent layer of glowing resins.

Aeon 001 – 333 numbered bottles – 2015

Available from the end of December 2015 until it lasts at very few selected stores.



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